You Never Told Me You Were Waiting, Contemplating

All alone, by the phone, waiting for you to call…on a busy weekend
Carl Thomas never lied!

This is that type of weekend; a lot of folks are off today and extending the weekend, doing the family thing or enjoying some sunshine. Many others are taking these next few days to go out on a date (or two), while a few are jumping each time they hear a sound that resembles their ringtone, because they are waiting to hear from that special someone.
You know that person they went out with and had an amazing time but have yet to call them back. Isn’t that the pits? The two of you seemingly have a great time, they seem like they’re into you and you agree to see one another when your schedules permit…but your phone hasn’t rung, your Facebook page hasn’t been blowing up either. So what exactly is up?

It’s just the dating game, the ebb and flow of emotions that make up trying to get to know someone and actually establish a foundation for a relationship. Today is “Date Night” at The World According to Teef, so I’ve invited a few friends to share with dating looks like from their perspectives and I may drop a line or two as well.
Enjoy and as always, please read responsibly…

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