I'm Disappointed in America: Whoopi Goldberg's Poise Ads

I really don’t care much for Whoopi Goldberg. Never have. Never will. I’m not sure what it is exactly, but after she put that root on Mister, I was done. I didn’t watch the “Comic Relief” series on HBO, hated Jumpin’ Jack Flash and was completely disgusted by her relationship with Ted Danson. I’ve had my moments over the years though, she was excellent in Ghost and she is the voice of the people on “The View”.
However, when she interrupted the NBA Playoffs clad as the Statue of Liberty talking about light bladder leaks, I damn near lost Easter dinner. I understand that it’s a problem older people deal with and all, but did I need to see Whoopi Goldberg talking about wearing diapers? Hell no! That was TMI, but if Jamie Lee Curtis is doing commercials for regularity, I guess Whoopi can talk about wetting herself. I know she can’t need the money, maybe it’s an issue that’s personal to her and she wants more women to face it. But I don’t want to see it, I still cringe when I hear her say that “Mister” would climb on top of her and do his “business”.

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