Why Don't You Date? by Jillian Robinson

 Why don't you date?
A question I am constantly asked....and to be honest...I've asked myself the same question at least 100 times. I've never had a concrete answer. Until now.
Today....I received a text message from the latest victim...and it read: I miss you.
Now...one would think that any single girl would be glad to get a message that said such....especially from someone you have been spending time with....but nope...not me.
I was aggravated.
My first thought wasn't aww or how sweet....it was....I don't have time for this....followed by I should just put him out of his misery....because I can't do this.
So that's exactly what I did.
I kept it short and to the point.
I told him how I felt...
I told him that he was a great person....
I told him (again) that I wasn't ready to date anyone.
I was honest.
He wasn't impressed.
(This is how the story always goes)
I meet someone.
I tell them I'm not interested in dating.
They seem to feel that for some reason...they are or could be the exception.
We talk...go out...etc.
It turns into too much to quick... (there's no way you love me after two weeks) then I call it quits.
I hit them with the it's not you it's me...they ignore me (it's cool..whatever) ...or stalk me.... (I'm heartbroken)...and the saga continues
Maybe I'm the black widow of dating....but I don't think so.
I just enjoy peace in my life....and not being obligated to something or someone unnecessarily equals peace to me...right now
I value all of the relationships I have.
I would be happy to one day find myself in a nurturing partnership...but that won't happen if I am not whole...myself.
I don't expect for anyone to complete me...and I don't expect to complete anyone else.
Don't get me wrong....I find it unfortunate that I come across as rude...or insensitive...but being selfish is my current reality...and I won't apologize for that.
My time and energy have to be used wisely....there's me...my children...an then all of the learning relationships and connections I have...or will have...and none of the above require me to "date" anyone.
So...back to the question..
Why don't I date?
Because I don't want to.
Right now....dating seems like a game....and I'm not interested in playing....
So until further notice....
I am on a "dating" strike.
About Jillian Robinson
The 20-something mother is a photographer, music lover, part-time writer and in the closet painter. She bares her soul through her art over at http://undressingmysoul.wordpress.com/. Follow her on Twitter @aJILLionreasons

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