I'm a Grown Ass Man: The Evolution of Friday Night

Remember when Friday night meant something? Back when your countdown began Monday morning and leaving work Friday afternoon unleashed an entire weekend of mischievous plans you couldn’t wait to tell someone the following Monday? The sound of the gun on Friday afternoon sent you off to the races, cramming as much as you could possibly think of into two days. Movies, mall, club, date, all of that, because you were living for the weekend. That was in your younger days when you used to sport a smile. Now, you’re just hoping that work doesn’t follow you home on Friday and interrupt plans of crashing on the couch with your remote control and a “House” or “SVU” marathon. The end of the week now signifies the pregnant pause in a hectic life, a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life…a reprieve from the bullshit!

Friday has not only changed for the career man (and woman), but it’s changed for the party people as well. If you ask me, Thursday really sets the weekend off now and how many of you go to Happy Hour on Wednesday? Or know of a $2 or Tini Tuesday? The entire landscape of the social scene has evolved, leaving Friday wondering what happened. Shoot, I’ve been to a concert, grocery shopping, dinner, had three meetings, a stomach bug and a basketball game this week, by Friday morning, I was hoping to sleep ‘til Sunday!

I know there are tons of people that still get it in on Friday night, but these are the same people you can find out on Tuesday too, they just love the scene (or being seen). Even the ol’ dinner and a movie Friday night date has been adjusted. Many of us have gotten tired of competing with your cousins to hear the dialogue of the film, so now we’re catching the early show on Saturday morning or taking half-days to see movies we really want to see. The restaurants are packed, you have to wait 20 minutes to get a drink at the bar and you’re more likely to run into the chick that left the house with enough money to buy one drink for herself.

How many of you rush home from to take a nap when you have plans on Friday night? That’s exactly what my lady and I did before dinner and dancing last weekend, because we have reached the age when hanging out all night isn’t feasible without a power nap. Many of you know what I’m talking about, those of you who don’t…wait until you reach 30! Well, I gotta go, the couch is calling me, I’ll leave Friday nights to Johnny Kemp and those of you trying to hold on to your youth.

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