I'm Disappointed in America: The Judds

First, I’m extremely pleased that the OWN network absolutely sucks right now! The fact that Oprah is giving her friends shows and doing Reality TV as opposed to giving fresh faces and fresh ideas a chance is not lost on me when I look at the horrible programming and dismal ratings. However, pulling Wynonna and Naomi Judd out of the mainstream graveyard is definitely not the move and if the week heading into the premiere of their show is any indication, they are willing to go to extremes to reclaim their relevancy in pop culture.
So I’m disappointed in all of the Judds: Wynonna, Naomi, Ashley, even Judd Nelson! In full promotion mode, the Judds3 dropped bombshells about sexual abuse, parental neglect, the ups and downs of stardom and more to drump up interest in their show. Ashley released an autobiography and pitted herself against her mom, sister and hip-hop. Wait, hip-hop? Yup, in her book she calls Hip-Hop a “rape culture” and the soundtrack to misogyny. Talk about your momma and sister all you want, but keep Hip-Hop out your mouth. She even got into a little Twitter beef with ?estlove of the Roots. A pretty good week of hype leading up to a show that will probably be weak, but Oprah’s loving it all…and laughing all the way to the bank!

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