Valentine Worth

As corny as it is, I adore Valentine’s Day. Yup, I bow down to anything promoting love. Candles, walks in the park, cuddling... open door bathroom privileges. Anything that says we're the one.

Those who have the pleasure of having someONE who is that ONE may relate better than others, but I'm specifically talking about having and being with someONE where it’s so rock solid that you can’t wait to get home. You look forward to going out together, you love cooking for them, you want your home to be spic & span clean. You have eyes or desires for NO one else. Just YOU and YOURS. I call it: Operation Same Page.

Unfortunately, more than 50% of today's relationships are scarred by a plethora of issues, timing and trust being the top dogs in my opinion. Therefore, Operation Same Page is never *really* experienced.

Yes, many people SAY they're in love; many people have made children and BELIEVE they're in love and many people STAY in relationships (sigh) out of comfort. Those in a so-called relationship, if you can be honest, are you and your partner on the Same Page? If things between you and yours are cool, effortless, WORTH it, you’re probably just as corny as I am.

Life is short ... I hope everybody gets to have that ONE ....who's WORTH it.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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