The New Motown Sound

Since the day Berry Gordy Jr. opened Hitsville U.S.A. at 2648 W. Grand Blvd. right on through Eminem’s crashing of Pop Culture’s private party, Detroit has always influenced what American and by extension, the World was listening to. 2011 isn’t any different as The WowShane Radio Show is set to debut February 3rd and redefine the standard for internet radio.

The WowShane Radio Show is the brainchild of Shane Carson, a former Marketing Executive-turned-actor with appearances on ABC’s “Detroit 1-8-7” under his belt. Carson is sure to mix his Christian values, views on education and community reform, fatherhood, entrepreneurship, literature, music, and more into the show. He’s brought together a cast of personalities to enlighten and entertain, while tackling the issues of the day unlike anything you’ve tuned into before. Situated in the heart of Detroit, with correspondents across the country, The WowShane Radio Show aims to balance the national conversation with intelligent reporting, witty discourse and fresh eyes.

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