My Funny Valentine(s)

The day many of you look forward to has finally arrived and not a moment too soon, because you’re starting to question just how much your significant other loves you. So while you’re sifting through forget-me-nots or pissed off that he still hasn’t proposed, I’m celebrating love over here at The World According to Teef. To do so, I’ve asked a few friends to chime in on the celebration and add their two cents to the conversation.
In the middle of all those texts you’re exchanging with the one you love in anticipation of the night ahead, check out with T. Burnett, Ms. ByePoleher, Jillian Robinson, Paunice Savage, Drew-Shane Daniels and yours truly have to say about this day dedicated to love. And oh yeah, if you’re without a Valentine’s cool, you’ll still be alone tomorrow and the day after, but your happiness is all that matters and it shouldn’t be joined at the hip with whether or not you’re in a relationship.
But don't worry, you're my favorite work of art, abstract and complex, but simple to the naked eye. Regardless of how your day plays out; wake up tomorrow, smile and face the world like you were a big winner tonight. If you can't do that, check in here tomorrow, same time, same place and I'll tell you a thing or two about yourself!

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