Dinner in a Movie

A man picks up a woman at 7:15pm; they reach a restaurant by 7:40 and are seated by 7:50. Around 8:45 he’s paying the bill and they’re at odds over the tip, but settle because they have to make it to a nearby movie theatre for a 9:15 show. That’s how dinner and a movie has been done since the first gentleman caller requested a fair maiden join him for a picture show after they enjoyed a meal. But in 2011, dinner and a movie has morphed into dinner in a movie.

What kind of nigga shit is that? I know AMC is run by a gang of White folks, but dine-in theatres are definitely a market for Black folks. Think about it, you’ve been sneaking subs and KFC into the movies for years, why not make a full menu available for you? The object of dinner before the movie is to get folks time to talk; an opportunity for new daters to get to know one another and long-term couples to act like they still like one another. Someone please tell me how is that done when there’s a feature film playing?

As if iPods, Facebook, Twitter, 4G cell phones and bad relationships haven’t removed conversations from your “To do” list, now the dating scene is being affected by an invention designed to make more Black folks talk during a movie. It’s not like you can go to a movie after 7pm and enjoy your experience anyway, but now you have folks trying to decide what to order, servers walking through the theatre, people scoffing over prices and telling people how good their chicken fingers are!

I’m intrigued to go sit through this disaster of an idea, but I just can’t stomach folks talking over a movie that I really want to see, while Facebooking how good their meal was and how bad the film is. Maybe AMC grew tired of people being late to the movie or revenue is down and they needed a bailout? Whatever the case, I’m spending more time at the Theater, than a theatre anyway, so I’ll leave all of that to you guys...

I know one or two of you want to check it out, click here for a bad idea near you.

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