Am I Black Enough For You?

The Question: Why haven’t you said anything about Black History Month?

The response? Well, this is my response...

If you’re looking for random feats by African-Americans or daily biographies of historical figures you never learned about in your U.S. History I or II classes, go to McDonald’s or turn to BET, that’s not what goes down at The World According to Teef. I don’t feel the need to take February to honor the contributions Black folks have made to the various corners of culture through the years. Not when I spend the other 337 days doing the exact same thing.

I would hope that we’ve gotten past the days of token appreciation and acknowledgment and have to celebrate the beauty of Black culture at all times. I guess I ask for too much sometimes; I guess hoping folks have gotten over the novelty of Black History Month and implementing a lifestyle observing the beauty of our past is too much for a man to ask for? However, the day-to-day distractions of life, the bills and “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” may interfere with the time needed to immerse yourself in such splendor.

For a segment of the population Black history begins with Barack Obama and for many others, Martin Luther King Jr. is where it’s at. You can’t wrong with either of the two, but you must learn to fill in the blanks with those that have made contributions in law, medicine, politics, education, entertainment, fashion, literature, parenting and other everyday advances. You know, the kind of things a Google search can educate you on or a morning of Facebook status updates.

So, I’ll take it back to Negro History Week for you, the way Carter G. Woodson kicked it off and share some Black Jesus...

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