I'm Disappointed in America: Fantasia for Real...The Remix!

When Fantasia Barrino hit a wall last month and decided that life had become too much to live so swallowing a few pills would be the easy out, but failed and proceeded to go on a TV tour crying about her pain, I told you something was up. Go back and read ‘The Curious Case of Fantasia Barrino’ to see my feelings about that. However, when I found out that season two of her VH1 reality show “Fantasia for Real” was coming back and may or may not have caught all of that drama on tape, I was ready to go up top on homegirl.

She milked her suicide attempt into some sympathy from the press and tears from Black women everywhere; also to the tune of over 137,000 copies of her new CD in the first week and it’s been steady since. The most important thing is that we’re talking about her, which is something folks hadn’t really been doing, unless they were talking about her. So I guess the crew is back together in full effect for season two as her drama spills over into the scripted reality VH1 gives her space to air.

There’s no doubt that folks are going to watch, maybe even in record numbers, because we love train wrecks. That’s what Fantasia has become, a train wreck, our very own Anna Nicole Smith (minus the extremely high awards show appearance), but someone that we’re watch unravel through various different mediums. I’m still trippin’ that she won American Idol the same season Jennifer Hudson participated, which means that America definitely got that one wrong. So, we’ll watch the ups and downs are stardom, the results of poor education and bad parenting and the evil that money do every Sunday night at 10pm on VH1! Well yall will, not me, I’m at war with Comcast…

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