What Were You Thinking: T.I.

#1 movie in the country, just got the sweetest deal since Danilo Blandon, new album on the way and you risk it all for the Mary Jane? Damn Tip, you really ain't too bright are you? You and Tiny are riding around in a $300,000 Maybach puffing on the cheeba, don't yall have a house for that? This is the second time she's been arrested with her man, she's a ride or die chick for real huh? Or just stupid. The real question is how this works with his probation thing does, he did just come home from a year and a day in the Feds after working out a deal not on par for a dude with Army guns.

His new film Takers was delayed for months while he and Chris Brown bounced back from legal troubles and just as it goes into its second week in theaters and hopefully atop box office results, he's having celebratory tokes in the car. You don't have a weed man to roll with you? You need to find out whoever dude that Udonis Haslem was with a few weeks and find out if he has any cousins.

Well, he and Tiny bailed out on the late night, but I'm pretty sure he's in contact with his lawyer, record company, publicist, the DA, police, someone with clean pee and everyone else that can make this go away, but the question remains, what were you thinking?

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