Blowing in the Wind

Rising tides, swirling winds, heavy rain and power outages is what the forecast is calling for along the Jersey Shore and Long Island as Hurricane Earl heads towards our area today. All week we've heard that it was on the way following Danielle that stayed out in the ocean and ahead of Fiona that's only a mere mention at this point. Meteorologists are calling this a one-day event, but if you let the coverage tell it, this is gonna be the storm of the century for the area.

Yes, hurricane season has returned! If it turns out to be just a heavy rain storm, I'm good, because it has already dropped the temperature tremendously. The crazy thing is that folks trying to get this last bit of summer in are still heading towards the shore because they'll rather relish the last weekend of the summer than stay out of harm's way. The last place I want to be is anywhere the networks are sending correspondants to report on the oncoming storm…but folks need to have fun. North Carolina and Virginia are dealing with the storm first and it should make its way up the coast this afternoon, guess I can't really use it as a way to get a day off…

Every notice that the minority reporters are sent exactly in the path of the storm? This is Tyrone Jackson reporting from the eye of the storm!

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