I'm Disappointed in America: Bethany Storro

Have you heard the tragic story of Bethany Storro? Maybe you don’t know the name, but if you’ve watched the news you know the story. A Caucasian woman in Vancouver, Washington claims that an African-American woman viciously attacked her by throwing acid in her face outside a coffee shop on the evening of August 30th. Cue the violins, the outpouring of support, the monies to aid her, the manhunt for the woman she described and even Captain Save-a-hoe Oprah called to have homegirl on her show.

Take the needle off the record, this heifer was lying! I knew something was up, the entire story just seemed false from the beginning. First, she claimed her attacker said, “Hey Pretty Girl,” and asked if she wanted something to drink before tossing the liquid at her. I don’t care what part of the country you’re in, Sisters ain’t readily walking up to White women calling them pretty, disturbed or not. Next, she was wearing shades at 7:30 in the evening? The sun started setting extremely early towards the end of the summer and I don’t think the paparazzi were shadowing her and I’ve seen pictures, she ain’t that fancy!

Finally, here’s the kicker; Black women ain’t going nowhere near no damn acid! There’s no way a Sister is going to run the risk of ruining her manicure or getting those chemicals close to their hair. You can’t get a woman to keep her head poked in the shower after a fresh doobie, get near some acid…b@#$% please! Local police are investigating to see if she accessed any of the money donated to her ahead of the fundraiser scheduled for tomorrow and pondering charges, she’s being extremely contrite, Black folks are once again falsely accused as a White woman loses her mind and Oprah is left with egg on her face…Happy Friday!

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