Dear Summer Pt.3: Make-up 2 Breakup

Don't talk, just listen. I have to be honest with you, I lied when I told you I never wanted to see you again. Can you please stay baby? The past three months haven't been the best in our relationship; I admit I made a few mistakes and you have to admit that your temper flared out of control at least eight times and you were extremely heated for a stretch of days that pushed the limits of my sanity. However, you did simmer down and we were able to return our relationship to an extremely comfortable climate. My friends say I'm whipped, your friends tell you to leave me alone, because I have a wondering eye for some chick named Autumn. I promise you that they're wrong, I still love you, we just had a rough patch that we have to work through.

I missed you; I missed you so much I followed you. Yeah, now close your mouth cuz you cold busted! I followed you and some dude named Earl down to the Shore. I've never heard of an Earl, you never mentioned him before, but I guess I was supposed to be ok with that? It's funny that your temperament changed when he came into the area, but as soon as he was gone and it was back to you and me, your blood started to boil again. I'm far from being a saint too, so if you can forgive me, I will do the same.

In recent weeks we enjoyed one another thoroughly, spent a lot of time walking the streets of New York, caught a few outdoor concerts, we even walked the boardwalk in Atlantic City hand in hand with a slight wind at our back. But I woke up this morning to the chill of your cold shoulder and I'm left to wonder if you're really gone for good this time? Every time I find the nerve to say I'm leaving, those old memories get in the way. I guess this time it's for real, because the NFL is back and new TV shows are making their debut, which usually signifies the end of our whirlwind affair. So I guess I'll put away those white pants you love to see me in, get used to leaving the office under the cloak of darkness, forget the smell of barbeque, wear socks around my place and dream of vacations where the water is so blue!

This break is for the best, gives us both time to clarify what we're looking for in a relationship and hopefully bring us back together, stronger. Over the next few months I'll deal with varying degrees of change and long for the days and nights basking in your beauty. I'm sure there's gonna be nights in the dead of January when I beg you to come back to me…yeah, 'til you come back to me, that's what I'm gonna do.

Love Always,


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