What Were You Thinking: James Jones

I know some parents that will throw down for their kids, step to teachers, coaches, older kids who pick on their children, but James Jones has gone next level in confronting kids who’ve allegedly been bullying his daughter since she started a new school a few weeks ago.

Jones boarded the school bus and proceeded to cuss e’erbody out, especially the ringleader of the bunch. Even more than that, he went as far to threaten the bullies with physical harm if they continue to harass his daughter. Not done yet, he rolls up on the bus driver and threatens him as well and warns that he better not call the police!

Look Bruh, I understand your anger, but there has to be a better way than to go ape shit on some kids. Conflict resolution through the school or talking to the parents would’ve been a much better angle to approach this…now your wife had to get that bail money up and you’re video debut has gone viral. But I guess your daughter is safe, but now I’m sure the target of an entire new type of abuse.

Dude, what were you thinking?!?

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