Playa to Playa: Is that Your Chick?

Why your girl get giddy when my name come up?

I've never understood the dude that takes time out of his life to go through his woman's phone and confront guys that she may or may not be cheating on him with. I really don't see the point. After you call him or them, are you gonna take her back? You're willing to live with that sort of lack of trust? I guess not everyone thinks like me, yeah, not everyone thinks like me.

Unfortunately, I've been on the other end of this type of phone call more times than I care to count, partly because many women lie and more men don't know how to let go. But I'm the wrong dude to call, because you may just get confirmation of your suspicions dialing my number. Honestly, do you really want to hear that your girl is spending time with another man? Cut your losses and stop playing yourself, looking like a damn fool.

So imagine how foolish the dude that called me yesterday felt when I told him that I wasn't the man he was looking for. He was so sure that he had found the right guy that he argued me down about my whereabouts on Saturday night. Sorry playa, I was in Atlantic City watching Al Green while your lady was somewhere else with someone else.

But he still didn't get it and I can understand his insecurity, he knows I was there before he was there and I've maintained a friendship with his woman throughout their relationship. I'm a tough act to follow, but dude has to let go of her past and worry about what she's presently doing.

He couldn't grasp the truth in what I was saying, so I figured that since he's a 5 Percenter, I'd break it down using my own version of today's mathematics that went a little something like this: While I relaxed on my couch, hoping someone called about a cookout, I noticed I had 6 missed calls and 4 voicemails from 2 numbers, 1 I didn't recognize.

I answered lucky call #7 like I worked at 98.7 Kiss FM and listened to 1 angry brother rant for 3 minutes about how his wifey (his word) was two timing him. I found 30 seconds between breaths to explain to him that I haven't seen his girl in 18 months, hadn't spoken to her in 6, when she texted me 2 weeks ago to let me know that you were home and she had 2 men claiming to be in love with her…but I'm not in that equation.

Playa, you were sentenced to 3-5 years when she was 6 months pregnant and your little man just turned 3, so you may want to busy yourself with raising your child, than being so concerned with me. You did 40 months, leaving her in the world with 2 mouths to feed and here you are 30 days free threatening her life.

Walk away now, she ain't worth 25 to life and according to her, you ain't worth 2 cents. Take 45 minutes in the mirror to examine your life and tell me if you don't need to do a 180 to raise your son to be twice the man you are. I'm just keeping it 100 with you, by the way, the dude that kept her out until 4am the other night…I ain't the 1!

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