In Search of…T-Pain

Where is T-Pain? Outside of an appearance in a DJ Khaled song or two and I hear he has a little role in Lottery Ticket, he’s been relatively quiet. He’s not doing the hook to every other song, doesn’t have a song of his own, what’s going on? Has God answered my prayers? If so, I meant what I asked for last night. But I digress, where is Teddy Pain? Is he getting vocal lessons? Did Jay-Z really kill the auto-tune and in turn, T-Pain? I would really like to hear dude do an album without the use of the vocoder and see if folks groove the same way to his music?

I actually dig some of T-Pain’s music, but that’s on the low though, there’s a time and place to hear the nonsense he’s “singing”. That time is Tuesday night after 10pm and the place is Club Onyx. Yup, that’s $2 Tuesday at the strip club when you’re stacking dollars to the perfect height and somebody’s daughter is shaking it just right. However, being that I haven’t been in months, I haven’t had much of the occasion to hear Pain.

Wait, I remember he had that minstrel show of a cartoon a few months back and drew some heat for shameless coonin’, maybe he faded to black after that? It’s more likely that he’s waiting until Lil’ Wayne comes home from prison, because he’s missing his muse. I ain’t really checking for him either way though. Besides, word on the street is Freddie Jackson made two appearances last week and I’d much rather he dropped an album.

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