No Idea's Original

I am recognizing that the voice inside my head is urging me to be myself and never follow someone us. You see, opinions are like voices we all have our different kinds, just clean out all of your ears, these are my views and you will find that…

No idea’s original.

Word to Q-Tip!

Understand that there are thousands of people locking themselves behind a keyboard for hours at a time, punching away at ideas or topics in the media, so there’s going to be quite a few articles that about the same exact topic, from all over the country. That’s cool, because it gives you (the reader) various viewpoints and ultimately sparks a great conversation about issues that may or may not be on the tip of people’s tongue. Not to mention, practically every writer has their own style and our skill levels vary, so even the same story, will come across differently. Usually…

F*** the flow, yall jackin’ our slang!

I was recently pointed in the direction of an article that not only was identical in topic, but several lines were copied directly from mine, I’d been jacked! I suppose Playboy thought he could take an idea from a blog he figures no one reads, flip it and bounce it, and then pitch it to a website. It worked, until the editor of that site reached out to me and told me that something she read was similar to something I had done months ago and gave me the link.

At first, I thought it was pure coincidence that this “writer” had a similar idea and experience to relate to folks, but once I saw the lines taken directly from my post, that changed. I wasn’t angry, in fact, I was kind of flattered. They say imitation is the biggest form of flattery, so the fact that he chose to make my words his, is showing that I’m doing something right. Right?
Blog biter, dope style taker, tell you to your face you ain’t nothing but a faker!

Whatever the case, it was foul and I hope he’s read enough to realize that I’m the type of dude that will punch you in the face on sight. I do this for fun, as a hobby, but I know a lot of folks who are trying to feed themselves by putting words together, so for a cat to pass someone else’s words as his is, low. We do what we do, work off of what’s hot in the community or news, what’s floating around the net, but we don’t condone biting!

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