Balancing Act: Anshia Tull of Briclyn Entertainment

Running your own business is one thing; when your business is managing the careers and by extension, the lives of others, you have to be a precisely balanced individual. Anshia Tull, CEO of Briclyn Entertainment, is the picture of precision as she builds an empire brick by brick. Ms. Tull has been behind the scenes of various music biz powerhouses, but she’s stepped out on her own and in a couple of short years put herself in a position to be a player in this game for years to come.
The twenty-something Tull has taken her love for music, television and film and focused it into a career, something most of us only dreamed of. She’s worked behind-the-scenes for various powerhouses, coordinating talent for BET and MTV, interning at Def Jam and Motown, as well as the gem Hidden Beach, but her work extends beyond that to the Central Park Summerstage and Children’s Theatre. That would seem to be enough to fill a résumé, but this young woman has been destined to lead far before she was the Program Director of the radio station at Bowie State University, so creating Briclyn Entertainment shouldn’t have come as a surprise to those who knew her best.

Briclyn is her vision, her mission, her baby; she’s poised to take artist development and brand development through all portals of entertainment and into athletics. While building her empire, she’s facilitating the career growth of Aaron Camper and KimberlyNichole, handling bookings, PR work and creating ways to get their music heard (peep KimberlyNichole’s “Little Girl New” on VH1’s “Mob Wives”), not to mention holding down a position on Eric Roberson’s Blue Erro Soul staff, where she shares in the booking duties.
That seems to be a lot for one woman to handle, but Anshia balances the load (and her sanity) with her 21st century assistants, her iPad, cell phone and computer. Each day she’s perfecting her hustle game; it’s a necessity working with independent artists, she notes, “There’s a certain drive and power that (independent artists) have. They truly understand what hard work is and are not afraid to step out and do things their own way”.

Stepping away from major labels and the millions of dollars and dozens of people they attach to a project is a daunting task, but one she’s embraced, because it’s something embedded in her soul. She maintains a daily routine that stretches long past you and I go to bed, working new contacts, developing concepts, thinking of a master plan.
It’s all in a day’s work for Anshia Tull; booking agent, consultant, entrepreneur, daughter, sister, friend, woman, and example for young lady’s looking to break into entertainment, whom she counsels to “Remember to be a respectable woman, who knows the value of herself first and is willing to work hard.” She adds, “Strive for excellence and when someone says no, just know there will be no's before there's a yes. Keep working hard and have patience. If entrepreneurship is the route you chose, be sure to learn all you can about your area of interest and focus on your business. We as young women are capable of being great entrepreneurs and running successful businesses.”

Words to keep you balanced…

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