It Doesn't Take a Whole Day to Recognize Sunshine...

When I look at you, what I see is my future wife-to-be, only God himself more important in this life to me. You are much more than the woman I’m spending forever with; you’re my best friend, my confidant, my strength, my inspiration, my sun and my moon, the song in my heart and the air I breathe. I really don’t remember much about life before you and I’ll die before I have to live without you. Excuse me; I get beside myself when I think of you, because you mean more than words could accurately describe.

People who knew me when constantly ask what have you done to settle me down, to convince me to marry you; that’s because they don’t know you, they don’t know that your smile warms the coldest hearts and with your love, I’ve figured out how to conquer everything. I used to tell people what I needed in a woman and they would laugh, telling me I would never find a woman to be all of those things and allow me to be myself. They didn’t know you either, but I knew you were coming.

Yeah, long before you said yes and I said hello, I knew. You were born on this day thirty-three years ago with me in mind and the years between then and our meeting was mere preparation for a life together. You walked into my life on my darkest day and dimmed the rainbow’s glow and in turn transformed my life. I thank God every day, all day for you, for your love and for this day.

I’ve been thinking since last year’s birthday of what I could give you and roses, diamond earrings, writing your name across the sky, a vacation and new car just didn’t seem like enough, so your gift is me; a better me, a vow to improve every day, to love you more than I did when we went to sleep the night before and even join the gym (after my birthday) and even not keep the air so cold in our home. Well, you’ll get all of that and more if you promise to just keep loving me the way you do.
So Happy Birthday to the one that taught me to love without compromise, made me realize that it was OK to smile again, want to be the best Teef I could be and who’s love landed me on bended knee. Happy Birthday to the woman that brightens the day for everyone around her; friend, sister, auntie, cousin, mentor and more. Happy Birthday to You, Sunshine, my Old Lady, the Lady and all of the other names I’ve referred to you as within these pages.

I guess this is where I’m supposed to say “I love you”, but everyone says that and what I feel is so much more. I think the world of you, would trade the world for you and build my world around you. I adore you and honestly don’t want to spend a minute of my life not loving you, Happy Birthday Sharea!

It didn’t take a whole day for me to recognize Sunshine…