In Search of...Tiffany "New York" Pollard

Remember when Reality TV made New York a star? She was everywhere! Homegirl had like 27 VH1 shows, a cameo in a movie and then she was no more. It wasn’t a moment too soon, but she became part of our culture, a reminder of how little talent is actually needed to make money or a dent in pop culture. I’m pretty sure her bank had a few more zeroes added to it; much like her bra size changed letters.

I’m not really in search of her, for all I care, she can stay wherever the hell she is and not on my television. However, it was rumored that Bravo was looking to give her an additional 45 seconds of fame, though I hope it’s not true. Her ascension to fame (or infamy) should’ve been a tell-tale sign that Reality TV was going to be the ruin of America…but our ignant asses ate it up and now look where we are!!!
I’m disappointed in America!

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