I'm Disappointed in America: MixedChicks.net

These are the founders...

Whether you're Black, White, Asian, Latin, Mediterranean, or any glorious combination of the above…

That’s a real excerpt from MixedChicks.net, the go-to spot for women with hard to manage curly hair. Yes, there’s a website just for you Biracial Barbie and that in between hair that your mother never quite knew what to do with. I found it funny when I saw a commercial for their products when I was in Atlanta, but had totally forgotten all about it until a FB post jogged my memory.

The fact that this site and these products exist is unsettling with me; I guess there’s a large population of mulattos out there with untamed manes, but to market these products directly to them is almost making them feel even more entitled than many of them do already. Pay attention to that statement up top, “…any glorious combination of the above,” stands out to me. It’s like, just because your mama and daddy were from different ethnic groups and got butt-naked busy, you are special.

Doesn’t it all play right into one of the many schisms in our community? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been known to dig a redbone or 25, but this is just the way we continue to build our fairer skin brothers and sisters higher on a pedestal. As usual, I’m disappointed in America that this sort of message is pushed to the people, but I’m also doing a commercial for them, because some of you need assistance with your wig piece!