The Three Tenors

A few months back I wrote about the absence of male soul singers and have been completely disgusted by the current crop of R&B cats. Be it there redundant subject matter, questionable wardrobes and bad haircuts, they are just not filling the void for me. I’m a man’s man and most of these cats singing these days don’t really fit that bill; I went in search of a few cats who not only meet the criteria, but have held us down for quite a while and though two have been on a sabbatical from music, each of the three in his own distinct way, has held on to the tradition of the great soul men.

Carl Thomas, Tyrese and Raheem Devaughn have taken turns getting the clubs poppin’ and the bedroom rockin’ over the years, but there’s also so much more to each of them behind the music that helps to shape their sound. Check out three of my most recent stories:

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