Eddie Kane Jr.: The Original Bad Boy

R&B music has seen its share of bad boys (David Ruffin, Aaron Hall, Jodeci, Rick James, Chris and Bobby Brown immediately come to mind), we’ve loved their music, admired their images, shook our heads at their antics and witnessed their crash and burn, but we reveled in the passion that emanates from the souls of these troubled men. Lost in the litany of arrests, rehab stints and comebacks is the original bad boy, Eddie Kane Jr., former lead singer of The Five Heartbeats. Eddie had it all – millions of dollars, a voice to make women melt, a cool the fellas admired and fans all around the world, but he also had demons that grabbed control of him and robbed him of all he had come to covet.

The rise of Eddie Kane Jr. and the Five Heartbeats is the stuff of legend; they rehearsed in a nonoperational tunnel, wrote their own material, performed in some of the rowdiest spots in New York City and then it all turned with one famed performance at the Apollo. The music was dragging, crowd booing and throwing everything but the kitchen sink, but the Heartbeats stayed in tune and in step.

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