Carl Thomas: Love Conquers All

It’s pretty hard to believe that it’s been nearly twelve years and we’re still in the club tipsy, singing off-key “And I wish I never met her at all!”, but Carl Thomas struck a chord within then and he’s back to do it again. After a four-year hiatus, Thomas is back with Conquer, his latest attempt at getting the best of love and restoring the connection between the emotion and you. I recently got a chance to chat with him and got his feelings on his new album, love and Twitter-crazed fans.

“Don’t Kiss Me” is his first release in the last few years and is rapidly gaining airplay across the country because it is a true Carl Thomas song, throwback soul incorporated the best of what’s happening in music today, it’s his formula that has carried us through many a night. But there’s much more to Carl Thomas than yearning for love and come December 6th, we’ll learn more about who he is, today. At this stage, Mr. Thomas is a veteran of this music thing and has watched the emphasis shift from romance to all that comes before and after L-O-V-E, the freaky and the fighting.

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