Dark Days...

Assaults, armed robbery, gunshot wounds, police pepper spraying groups, fights, a woman pepper sprays her would-be attackers, all in the name of deeply discounted goods. What sounds like a night on any Martin Luther, were the reports from Black Friday sales all across the nation. Over the years we’ve watched as the opening bell of the Christmas season has become increasingly more hostile and violent as shoppers themselves have increasingly lost the sense God gave them and redefined the meaning of “Black Friday”.

For their part, Walmart extended their hours through the wee hours of the night and the next day, in hopes of decreasing the tension in the crowds that typically line around their facilities. But that did nothing to keep people from checking out of Thanksgiving dinner early and forming lines as early as 1pm. Silly, but typical. We’re a consumer-driven nation, that is a fact, but the insanity created by emotive connections to these deals in borderline psychotic!

There’s no more evidence needed than in the videos uploaded to the internet of crowds morphing into stampedes or police resorted to pepper spray and arrests to try to invoke some sort of crowd control. Even more, the newspaper stories in the following days read a tale of American tragedy as folks revert to their most primitive state to get a little something off of a TV, some toys for their ungrateful children and really just a bunch of unnecessary crap because it is, well, cheap. There’s the woman that unleashed pepper spray on unsuspecting shoppers because she was trying to get an Xbox or a waffle iron. The women that fought over the last Tyler Perry “Madea” DVD that $1.99! Sad. Really sad.

But what about the people that were robbed in the parking lot at gunpoint, another that was shot in the arm before being jacked for their goods. Is it that serious? Especially with “Cyber Monday” so close and the rent/mortgage being due a week later? The Dow has shot up in the days since we’ve gone crazy, but when it comes crashing down, these people won’t notice, just like they won’t notice when Election Day comes around, their property tax increase and their children display signs of emotional and physical damage. Yeah, we worry about the wrong things!

I’ve never gotten the big deal about Black Friday shopping. I guess that’s because I don’t have any children and I’m not buying your kids any gifts, or you for that matter. In fact, anything my lady or I need or want, we pretty get when the mood strikes, I’m not gonna wait all year to get whatever you savages are fighting over at one in the morning…but that’s just the way I roll.

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