Just Be Thankful...For What You Got

Though you may not drive a great big Cadillac, gangster white walls, TV antennas in the back

So many folks are trying to keep with the Kardashians and the Joneses, they tend to forget just how fortunate they really are. That is, until the calendar reaches the fourth Thursday in November and it is now fashionable to do so. Yeah, it’s in style to be grateful for your kids and your husband or wife, friends and family today, but were you not yesterday? How about on June 27th? I suppose it is cool to have a day that allows us to reflect on the days gone by and those we’ve loved and lost, but the meaning of such a day has been warped through the years.

Diamond in the back, sunroof top, diggin’ in the scene with a gangster lean…

The feast is the highlight of the day, the fellowship with family is secondary. Perhaps, that may have slid down the totem pole a bit because after the itis sets in, the focus turns to Black Friday, which now begins as early as 8pm at certain stores. The materialism of the season has intruded on the celebratory feelings that holidays elicit and before the sweet potato pies are gone, someone has left to assume their position in a growing line of fools.

I could care less about the menu, don’t give a damn about Black Friday and for the first time in years, I’m spending a holiday with my family. I would much rather spend the day on the couch, eating General Tso’s chicken and watching football, but I’m spending today with my lady, my mom and the rest of my family. I’m thankful for small miracles, because that’s what I’ve done for the last five years.

You may not have a car at all…

Be thankful to that bus, train, co-worker or friend, or that you live in walking distance of your gig or wherever else you need to be, that you’re capable of reaching. See, small miracles. These are the things we take for granted, but get us to days like these, when these opulent feasts and excessive shopping trips are paramount. I know what I say is paper thin and you’re thankful for all of these things, and more, so I’m preaching to the choir and the congregation is waiting outside Walmart with a fried turkey sandwich in hand.

Just be thankful…for what you got!

My great-grandmother passed away on Thanksgiving and this is the first time my family has had dinner since, so today is really bittersweet, excuse me if I don’t share in your joy of an abundance of slave soul food. Frankly, I don’t give a damn what’s on your menu, I don’t eat 98% of what’s cooking anyway. Eat heartily, laugh from the gut and love abundantly, I suppose that’s what today is really supposed to be about. However, if you get involved in the madness of Black Friday in the wee hours of the morning, don’t talk to me for 40 days and 40 nights. And if you're in those lines, but didn't vote a couple weeks ago, don't ever speak to me again!

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