The Peculiar Institution or She Kim Kardashianed Her Way Up

Close to a month ago my lady and I wasted two hours of our after-work down time watching “Kim’s Fairytale Wedding” on E! We marveled at how she obsessed with the opulence of the event, but whimsically decided not to take his last name (her brand, her business was far too important to relinquish in the face of eternal love); it was obvious which details were more important. All the while, poor Kris sported the same look he wears when Blake Griffin is taken off…oh shit! He was in love, she was in love, but with whom or what, was the question? We gave them six months, as the world knows, they crawled over two.

Folks went on the offensive, calling the marriage a sham, saying they each did it for the wrong reasons. Kim and Kardashian Inc. (Mom Kris, sister Khloe) went on the defensive, saying she was really in love and wanted the marriage to work. Who knows what to believe in these types of things, who to side with or when to just not to say anything? I reserved comment until I began to look at it from another angle; I sat down and thought about how the wedding seems to be far more important than the marriage. Her pimp mother Kris Jenner said Kim had been planning this wedding since she was 10 years old and in another scene, Kris Humphries, remarked something to the effect that she could’ve inserted just about anyone in the spot he occupied for 10 weeks. There seems to be some truth to that, Ray J., Reggie Bush, Miles Austin, some bodyguard dude and who knows who else has stood opposite of her, being sized up for wedding photos in the last few years, all for that moment that E! shelled out millions for.

·         I also took note to how Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez are considered to be lovelorn or on this quest for eternal love, yet ABC seemingly runs specials on single Black women on a monthly basis. I suppose it’s a crime for women darker than blue to be happily single, enjoying life? That’s just an aside, but double standards run deep in a land that’s downsizing Standards & Practices. Back to our regularly scheduled conversation…

I’m planning a wedding that’s drawing near---wait, she’s planning, I’m just nodding and agreeing--- and there are times when she’s frustrated with details and I’m frustrated with it all and we just wish we snuck a few people over to our house and had something intimate and private, because this one moment in our life will never outweigh the years that come after we jump the broom. Maybe we’re just simple people, maybe we just really believe in our love, but this wedding is something that kinda just happened, we didn’t.

Conversely, people put an extraordinary amount of effort, time and money into a wedding, but not an ounce of that effort into making their marriage work. I really don’t get it, are we so concerned with outward appearance that we’ll rather have folks remember the day or night we were married, but not reminisce on how in love we still are six, seven years after that day? I haven’t been much acquainted with marriage, but I know it takes work, far more work than putting together a wedding. However, because that work isn’t glamorous and brings forth the ugly truth, it’s easier to turn your back on your vows…but you’ll always have the memory of the wedding.

In those two months of marriage, Kim & Kris began living with sister Kourtney, her boyfriend and son, taping another season of their reality empire. When did they have time to settle into marriage, away from the cameras? To fight, get to know each other as a couple, make up, test their vows? Was there time for any of this, because it seems the tabloids constantly had them in separate parts of the country and then the world after Kim filed those papers. Things must have gotten really bad, really quick to resort to divorce so fast or maybe there was just nothing between a wedding and a divorce, you know, like love, commitment and all of that other stuff. Talk about irreconcilable differences!

That’s the difference between you and Kim Kardashian, she’s made something like $25 million off of this marriage, picked up a 20 carat ring and had her 15 minutes of fame extended until she finds another sucker man to love her blindly in the flashing light of the paparazzi. You, you went into debt for your wedding and have nothing to show for it, but a few pictures on Facebook and a spouse you can’t stand. Me? Maybe we’ve invested a little too much money into our wedding, but it pales in comparison to our love for one another and the work we’ve been putting in on our relationship.

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