Tears...The Force M.D.'s Relived

It’s nearly impossible to have grown up in the 80s and not have been a fan of The Force M.D.’s (unless you’re a Cold Crush Brother); they blended R&B, hip-hop and doo wop effortlessly and were part of the sound that provided the soundtrack to our lives. Like many acts from that era, they endured trials, changes in the music and the tragic deaths of its members. But The Force M.D.’s are still standing and the new documentary The Force M.D.’s Relived chronicles Staten Island’s finests’ (with respect to the Wu-Tang Clan) climb to the top, their descent, and their fight through the tears.

Khalil and Stevie Lundy have come a long way from singing on the Staten Island Ferry with their brother T.C.D. and uncle Jessie D. They’ve come even further from Stevie D. moonlighting Uptown with Dr. Rock and Mercury as The Force M.C.’s. Yet, they seem to be very close to where we met them twenty-some odd years ago with baby blue sweaters, harmonizing with an edge of hip-hop, just wanting to make their own place on the musical landscape. These days, they’re out to remind people of the spot they carved out and before anyone came knocking for an “UnSung” or “Behind the Music” special, they decided to tell their own story.

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