Ayah: The Fresh Princess

Jordan does not seem like the place to breed a soulful artist. Neither does Saudi Arabia or Qatar, but somehow Ayah’s music is overflowing with Soul and telling of stories you, your sister, or cousin may have lived through. She’s packed all of that soul into a free CD with the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff titled Back for More, complete with lyrics layered with life, videos teeming with significance, and songs that simply witness the world.

In Arabic, Ayah means sign or proof, and this young lady definitely lives up to her name. She’s a symbol of the change that’s gonna come and the soul of World Music. Influenced by the likes of Marvin Gaye and Nirvana (she spent part of her childhood in Seattle) and inspired the burgeoning hip-hop scene in Toronto (where she calls home), she has melded those sounds with the naturally soulful Arabic music and put together three ambitious albums filled with her observations on life and love.

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