Take Me Dancing - A Poem by Sharea Day

Can we meet at an outside festival
or at a place that has a dance floor?
Can we let the drums and music move us
or have the DJ play our song once more?
I don’t wish to walk, talk,
nor hold hands.
A sister would simply like to dance.
Can we wind and grind like we lost our minds?
Lose ourselves in the music and forget about the time?
Can we close our eyes and pretend
we never met
As we let the music help our bodies reconnect?
I don’t want to discuss the “if we have a chance.”
Honestly, I want nothing more
than to have a night
where we just dance.
So forget about the movies
and going out to eat.
I only have one request:
onto the dance floor.
If I follow
will you lead?

About the Writer
I could put a million words together and wouldn't scratch the surface on Sharea Day. She's a writer, therapist, consultant, social worker, professor, child of God and...my Sunshine. Visit Radiant Sunshine for a little light from within.

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