I'm Disapointed in America: The Royal Wedding

I hate commercials. I hate them with a passion. So much so that I change the channels immediately or scroll through the channel guide while the program I’m watching is on break. While the Bulls/Hawks game was on break, I went on my trip through the stations when I saw no less than four channels still showing footage of this so-called “Royal Wedding”, three days after Will and Kate took their vows. Seriously? Are we still on that?
There’s been some major news bookending this wedding and it still has life, further proof of how far we’re slipping as a culture. However, some will argue that it’s a welcome escape to all of the tragedy and destruction surrounding us…so is Fast Five. I can think of a million things better than waking up at 4am to watch the wedding of a figurehead. C’mon, what exactly does the British royal family do? If I’m not mistaken, David Cameron is the Prime Minister.

Yet, we feel this need to celebrate a tradition we broke away from way back in 1776, did we forget that part of Social Studies class? What’s next, gonna party for the slave masters? Miss me with all that! Folks are clinging to anything to feel like they were part of something historic…why don’t you get married?

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