I'm Disappointed in America: The Governator

Courtesy of Taylor Marsh
I’m still pissed at California for electing Arnold Schwarnzegger eight years ago, but I’m even more disappointed that Arnold had a child with the help 10 years ago and Maria Shriver stuck around all of this time. So, 25 years of marriage, three Terminator films, some wackiness, eight years as Governor of California (who the hell was he running against), four children and an illegitimate son later, Shriver finally had enough and filed for divorce.

So you mean to tell me that you just found out all of these years later that Arnold was tapping the maid or whoever this woman was and left some DNA? Either she’s blind or stupid, but the baby’s mama worked for them for twenty years before retiring in January and Arnold told Maria about the love child after he left office. I guess he didn’t feel the need to keep the secret after he didn’t have to give up the job, leaving me to wonder, was the job more important than his marriage.

As for Maria, this woman worked for you all of these years, had a baby and you never saw picture? There’s no way the child doesn’t look like Arnold, with that strong face of his! Maybe being Mrs. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the First Lady of California was too much to give up at the same time…for a Kennedy.

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