If Tomorrow Never Comes...

Tomorrow is Judgment Day! Well, at least according to Harold Camping, the man behind those billboards you’ve seen on your way to work. Camping claims that based on his extensive research of the Bible and Hebrew calendars, May 21, 2011 is the end of the world and not 2012 like Columbia Pictures told us in their movie.

This is actually Camping’s second prediction of the Rapture; he first claimed that September 6, 1994 was the end, but later admitted his calculations were off. So much for that Engineering degree from Cal-Berkley... So back to the drawing board he went and May 21, 2011 was the date he came up with. Actually, five months later, but God is setting off tomorrow.

Camping’s Family Radio Christian Network has given him the platform and the means to spread his message on those apocalyptic billboards proclaiming that judgment is near. The sad part of it all is that there are folks that are so misinformed that if a thunderstorm begins, they will call him a prophet and discount the fact that it’s been raining on the East Coast for nearly a week, but that thunderstorm means the end is here.

Just imagine, if there is no day after tomorrow or if life as we know it is altered? You’ll never know who shot J.R. or who wins “Celebrity Apprentice”. LeBron James never wins an NBA title and you’ll never pay off that Discover card bill from 1998. If tomorrow never comes, they’ll be no World According to Teef in your inbox and I won’t have the chance to say f#$% Oprah…damn that, f#$% Oprah!

However, if the day after forever never comes and the sun shines Sunday, what will Camping and his followers do? Will he claim his calculations were incorrect again or actually say God is texting the chosen to join him on a certain day? Come Sunday morning; keep Harold Camping away from Kool-Aid.
Enjoy your weekend and I’ll holla Monday…

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