...Then the Earth Moved

I woke up this morning

And heard the TV saying something

About disaster in the world

Made me wonder where I’m going
Justin Timberlake never lied!

Before I laid myself down to sleep last night, I pieced together something I believed to be very clever for you guys this morning, but it’s funny how plans change. The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is turn on the television to watch the news, so imagine my shock when I find out that an earthquake registering a magnitude of 8.9 hit Japan and sent tsunami waves traveling through the Pacific Ocean sending warnings to 20 countries and approaching Hawaii as I put write.

I’m listening to Good Morning America say that the entire West Coast is under warning for tsunami waves, when it registers that my mom, sister and uncle are in California, sleeping, unaware of what’s going on around them. So I’m glued to the TV, focused on the internet, hoping that the waves die down before it reaches the ones I love. I have that luxury, millions of people didn’t have a choice as the world shook below their feet and water rushed towards their homes, but CNN takes the time to explore the financial implications while lives are in peril.

I guess that’s their job to approach it from all angles, doesn’t seem right, especially when nuclear power plants are in harm’s way. The death toll is around 60 right now, but will probably rise as the day goes on and the disaster will affect most of the world. Just think, here on the East Coast we were worried about a little rain causing flooding last night, pales in comparison doesn’t it. I could’ve wrote about my hard times in this blog, but Heaven knows I would’ve been wrong...

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