The Hump Day Song of the Week: Bub Luv "Devil May Cry"

I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing the growth of the artist behind this week’s song over the last six years; I still remember when Jabbar aka Bub Luv told me he was a rapper and then proceeded to spit a rhyme in my office (after closing the door), but he’s come a long way from there. I’m not speaking as an MC, but as a man. Over those six years, he’s endured a change in majors, become a father, maintained a full-time job and managed to keep his nose clean, not to mention kept working to improve his craft.

He’s always been a little different; I’ve watched him go from having sixty pairs of sneakers to rocking wingtips, so it’s no surprise that he and a group of friends closed ranks to become a self-contained unit. The company they’ve formed is MadLights, a full-service art house consisting of rappers, managers, artists, photographers and designers poised to gain a foothold in entertainment as they continue to grow as artists and mature as men and women.

The result of Bub’s growth is evident in “Devil May Cry”, the first release from his upcoming mixtape “PowerLights” and also displays the direction the company is moving. The song is an honest attempt at chronicling the past six years of his life and aligning what’s next for him, his family, company and career. I’m proud of you Bubbie, keep working on your craft, keep working on being a better man, everything you do will benefit from your determination.

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