Do You Remember, September?

It seems like last week you were getting ready for Labor Day cookouts, getting your kids ready to go back to school and anticipating the start of the NFL season. You blinked and your kids are getting ready for Halloween, your mind is on Thanksgiving and the Super Bowl hopes of half the NFL are mere pipe dreams; welcome to adulthood! My grandmother always told me time went fast when you’re older, but I thought it was one of those things old folks said until I looked at the calendar and realized the month was ending.

Autumn has insinuated herself between the days we smile and the nights we cringe, so our indifference in setting in as we settle into the routine fall presents. I don’t care how you try to spell it, there’s nothing cute bare trees and nightfall before seven; sure, you get to pull out a different set of shoes and go shopping, but that brisk walk to the car in the morning doesn't beckon you to send a text. I guess the dawn of autumn does bring us closer to a time of year many of us love, a time that symbolizes family, the holiday season.

But don’t blink, Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it…

For the last six months I've been saying I’m going to return to a regular routine of updating the blog and then I look at the calendar and I’m saying this is going to be the month I do it. It always sounds like a good idea when the ideas are swelling in my head, but when I get to the keyboard, I’m stuck on stupid playing CafĂ© World and haven’t pressed “enter” once.

This time around I actually have a few in the chamber, but no more promises to you or myself, it’ll happen when it happens. In the meantime, read with your children, read with your mate, just read, because I’m encountering one too many folks joined at the hip with ignorance and illiteracy.

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