Antoine Dunn: The Truth

October 16th will be the culmination of the first leg of Antoine Dunn’s journey; on this date, his debut album, The Truth of the Matter will be released. His trek from Cleveland, Ohio to “Can’t Forget” finding a place on your iPod hasn’t been unlike many artists before him, but the grace and determination he’s traveled with is all his own. Currently, he’s bringing his heart and soul to cities across the country opening for Anthony Hamilton and Estelle on the former’s “Back to Love” tour, but soon the spotlight will be his and his alone.

This moment is bittersweet for Antoine Dunn; of course he’s excited to release his first album, but he’ll be celebrating with his mother’s memory in his heart and thoughts of his cousin on his mind. On the morning “Can’t Forget” was released to radio he was singing at his mother’s funeral, days after a long battle with Breast Cancer took her life. The album is being released on the birthday of a cousin that was murdered while Antoine was laying the foundation for this day. That type of pain is enough to make a man quit, but it’s also the type of pain that feeds a man’s soul and finds it outlet through the music he’s committed to making.

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