Another Sad Love Song...What the Hell Happened to Toni Braxton's Face?!?

Perhaps the fact she hasn’t had a hit in a while is why I didn’t know Toni Braxton now looks like this. I saw a snippet for her VH1 “Behind the Music” and it took a clip of “You’re Making Me High” to realize the show was about her. She was completely unrecognizable from the Toni Braxton I knew. Remember when she first hit back in ’92, rockin’ that short cut and her husky voice, a star was born. By the time her second album was released in ’96, the nose was trimmed, her boobs had been touched up and her hair was extended, she had undergone a reinvention. Even more, she was decidedly sexier as she neared 30 and her cover story in Vibe magazine was a testament to that. Still, the music was good, “Un-Break My Heart” was huge and she was everywhere, winning Grammys and every other award you can imagine.

It seems she didn’t learn industry rule #4080 or she thought the sun was going to last forever, because her rainy day fund was depleted and at the height of her success, Toni Braxton filed bankruptcy. A few years removed from TLC’s bankruptcy dilemma, it was easy to say the record label had done her wrong, until her lavish spending (and not paying) was revealed. She endured that drama, dropped another album that was decent, got married, had a baby, dropped an album that flopped, another baby, Broadway, more flops, “Dancing with the Stars” and then a series of health issues. At one point, it was rumored that she had breast cancer and later had a benign growth removed from her breast. Her Vegas run of her show “Revealed” ended after a hospitalization and mystery illness sidelined her, she later revealed it was due to a heart issue. Even more, she’s been diagnosed with lupus and her second son has autism.

Celebrity life for Toni Braxton sho’ ain’t been no crystal stair, because after all of the ups and downs, trials and tribulations, she was back in bankruptcy court again, claiming she was nearly $50 million in the hole. Say what!?! It seems as if homegirl said F paying any bills, Saks Fifth Avenue to parking tickets, she was not breaking anyone off. Like other stars dimmed by time, she took to Reality TV, bringing her family along for “Braxton’s Family Values”, making her sister Tamar a hot mess Reality star in the process.

After all of that, she’s doing “Behind the Music”, talking about smoking weed, Oprah and who knows what else, but I want to talk about her face! I want to know if she hates herself of what she sees when she looks in the mirror. Funny-face Tamar has definitely been under the knife a few times, but Toni has done more than create a new Braxton nose, but has seemingly reconstructed her entire look. It’s a damn shame, because she was fine! She’s just another sad story in the tragic book of stardom exposing the worst of what people can be and revealing the subtle scars of their psyche.