Introducing: Aaron Camper

Aaron Camper has played the background too long; he’s written for and sung with some of today’s biggest stars, but his talent cannot be confined to behind-the-scenes work much longer as he’s poised to breakout and take his space among the stars he’s apprenticed with through the years. Beginning with last year’s Welcome to My World mixtape and the recent release of “Madness”, he’s taking the necessary steps for you to get to know his name, his face and his music.  Prepare yourself!
Salisbury, nestled on Maryland’s eastern shore, is where Aaron Camper’s musical spark was ignited.  That flickering flame was stoked into an inferno where the careers of many have started–church. Born to a choir director father and gospel singing mother, he was swaddled in spirit and song, developing an appreciation for the marriage of the two. Having his Sundays stretched beyond the limits of a young boy, he found himself sleeping on the various instruments used to support his parents’ burgeoning group and undoubtedly dreaming of the various arrangements he heard orchestrated through the day.
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