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32 years complete and I’m still a work in progress…
Today is the day 14-year-old Tracey Farmer gave me the gift of life, but I don’t need fireworks or a party to celebrate my birthday; the love from my lady, my mom, family and friends is more than enough for me. I had so many birthday parties as a child that these days, I’m a little immune to it, subdued by the day. It’s really a time of reflection for me, I get the opportunity to look back over the last year and see how far I’ve come and how far I have to go. 32 was an excellent year for me, you’ve read all about, but this upcoming year is going to be something unlike anything many of you have ever seen.

My birthday is the benchmark by which I measure my life, not by what such and such or so and so have done, but what I have done since the last time August 5th appeared on the calendar. This time last year, I was preoccupied with my heart; in love and on the cusp of surgery, but both events have made me a better man. I don’t lay out goals for the year, those were set many moons ago, I just continue to work at what I feel makes me a better man.
My birthday hasn’t been the same since 1997 and has changed dramatically again since 2008. My grandmother passed away on September 11, 1996 and her birthday is August 3rd, so my birthday is so close to hers that I’m still wrapped in thoughts of her as my day rolls around. Both of my great-grandparents passed between my 29th and 30th birthday (my grandfather only four days before my birthday), so they remain on my mind as well, because the three of them went out of their way to ensure that I had EVERYTHING I needed for my birthday each year. I spend the earliest part of my day crying, remembering their love, wishing they were here to see the man they’ve raised.

I don’t want gifts, a party, a huge fuss, I just need the space to grow, the room to be Teef, the freedom to make my mark on the world, that’s all I ask for each year. To this day, God has not failed me. He’s provided me with all that I’ve asked for and more; a beautiful wife, a mother that’s blessed me since my first steps, a wonderful family that has loved and cultivated me, friends that have protected and encouraged me, people to walk into my life and impart wisdom and experience and a talent to share what comes across my mind with you and others. Each year I have another opportunity to challenge what folks think, what's accepted and help shape the worldview of a couple hundred young folks stepping into the world. I can’t ask for anything more, but another year to do it better!
Look at Tracey’s baby boy acting like he’s grown!

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