Cradle will Rock

I was headed into a nap, half laughing at Couples Retreat, half into a dream when I heard a noise and saw the windows shaking. My initial reaction was that someone was trying to come in on my crib in the middle of the day! I was on my feet and about to arm myself when I realized that the shaking was still going on and it was the entire house, not just the section I noticed from my spot on the couch. So I did what any other thinking man would do at a time like that…I laid my ass back down!
What was I gonna do in the middle of an earthquake? We didn't have those drills back in Clinton School. From that same spot on the couch, I felt every vibration for nearly 45 seconds and instantly became nauseous, but immediately afterwards sent a BBM to the lady in my life and she was cool, so I was cool. Then the phones stopped working and the news was slow to report, but the Nigga News was on point; Facebook and Twitter provided a range of details and a map of where it was felt. I had people I'm connected with via social media from Detroit to North Carolina reporting on the quake, while people in VA vividly described that they must have been at the heart of it all.
The news finally caught up with the rest of the world and the earthquake of 2011 became the news of the day, overshadowing Nick Ashford's death and rumors of Will & Jada's split (even in the hood). Many people felt it, a few didn't, most panicked, a couple played it cool and for all it was an experience that I'm sure we don't even want to have again. California, yall can keep those things, we ain't built for that! Once the excitement of the quake passed, we learn there's a hurricane heading our way for the weekend…what a week!

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