In Search of...Morris Chestnut

Morris Chestnut is sitting on his couch plotting to kill Idris Elba. When was the last time you saw this brother? I remember when the ladies were drooling over this brother? Back during The Best Man days, he was singlehandedly keeping dark-skinned brothers afloat. Then came “The Wire” and gone was Morris. Not only gone from the radar of the ladies, but completely off the map in Hollywood and its chocolate suburbs. What was the last movie he was in, Not Easily Broken? T.D. Jakes ruined his career!

There doesn’t seem to room for him anywhere, Tyler Perry loves the lighter brothers, with the exception of that poorly acting fellow on one of those horrible minstrel shows he has. I almost feel like he should have Boris Kodjoe's part on "Undercovers", or at least a reality show on TVOne. But seriously, this is how we treat someone who we’ve grown up with? He was Ricky yall, remember those tears you shed when he got blasted in the back by that jheri curl rocking dude.

At the turn of the century he was swapping roles with Taye Diggs because there was work, but nowadays, there’s work at the post office. He was behind the scenes on Takers, in front of the camera on “V” (who knew), and now out of mind. Someone get me his agent on the phone, I got an idea…

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