I'm Disappointed in America: Teach: Tony Danza

Once again the imps have gotten together and found another way to attempt to destroy me. This time in the form of the new A&E reality series, “Teach: Tony Danza”, yeah, Tony Danza. The show places Danza in a tenth grade English class teaching Philadelphia’s babies. Granted, Danza has a degree in History that he earned nearly 40 years ago, but after 35 years in show business and no time in the classroom, this can’t be a good idea. Who thinks of these things?

Even more, what parent signs their kid up to be taught by the guy from “Who’s the Boss”? Seriously, what value is placed on education when you entrust a year of learning to a gimmick? I’ve railed against Reality TV for the better part of five years, but this is different because these kid’s futures are being sacrificed for ratings, exposure and really, stupidity. But what’s done is done and is now available for your viewing consumption…is he allowed to write hall passes?

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