Casualties of War

A View from the Couch

The candles are lit; the sheet has been signed with three words that follow more names than junior or high school graduate these days…rest in peace. Just like that, there’s another casualty in the war on Urban America, because someone lost a fight against six bullets, because someone lost a fight. Life over before he was old to enough to vote. Dead before he could drink, smoke or join the military, yet he enrolled in an infantry long before the high school graduation that never came.

The remaining soldiers mill around aimlessly, not scared straight by the death of a comrade by friendly fire, not concerned with the example they set for their followers, just chasing the next cipher as two mothers cry. The one behind the gun had lived even less and though he will live longer, life will never be the same. So one day as they pour out some liquor and smoke what they call life away, they’ll try to find their friends…but they’ll be blowing in the wind.

R.I.P. Aziz

Who Killed Little Boy

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