I'm Disappointed in America: Sister Wives

A day off from work has its consequences on occasion. For instance, Monday I was home flipping through the channels at a particularly dry period of TV programming and came across a show named “Sister Wives”. If you’ve never seen this show, don’t worry, it’s a reality show based around a family in Utah that has some very unique circumstances, Kody Brown is married to three women, courting another and housing up to 16 children.

Yes, they are on some Big Love ish! Brown claims he let the cameras in to help bring some understanding to the stigmas and stereotypes associated with polygamy. It all sounds like exploitation of his family and greed to me. I guess I shouldn’t expect anything different these days, but this is what we’re doing? The entire clan may end up facing charges because bigamy is illegal, though Papa Kody claims to be married to only one woman and spiritually married to the remainder. What kind of man wants four wives? I’m still trying to get use to the idea of one…

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