I'm Disappointed in America: Teach: K-Ci & JoJo Come Clean

Back in ’92 we were all Jodeci fans. That is, if you weren’t such a hardcore Boyz II Men fan that you weren’t allowed to be a fan of both. We all rocked to “Come & Talk to Me”, “Feenin’”, “Freek N’ You” and the rest of the cuts, but 18 years of drug and alcohol abuse later…do I need to see them on Reality TV? Hellllllllllllllllllll to the naw! But here they are on my TV as I type talking about they’re drunks. What about the coke? The dope? Yall are off that and just boozing these days? Negroes please!

Remember that video of JoJo passing out on stage last year? I thought that wasn’t the lowest point, but I’m sure they are going to the abyss in the next few weeks. I know you’ll be watching, I won’t, but hundreds of thousands of your cousins are going to tune in week-after-week because they have nothing better to do with their time. As for me, I’m going to listen to “Forever My Lady” and remember K-Ci and JoJo for what they were…because these ripple drinking niggas on TV I can do without!

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