I'm Disappointed in America: Family Feud

As a kid, I spent many half-hours watching “Family Feud” with my grandfather. He’d sit in his recliner, I’d sit on the couch and we’d laugh at the dueling families going blank on some of the easiest survey questions known to man. Back then the host was Richard Dawson or “The Kissing Cousin” as my grandfather called him, in reference to his penchant for kissing the female contestants on their cheek. Those were the good ol’ days and unlike “Jeopardy” or “Wheel of Fortune”, both of whom have maintained consistency at the host, the “Feud” has had a lot of turnover through the years and the show has suffered because of it.

The show has been cancelled and revived often over the last 25 years and each time with a new host. There’s been Ray Combs, Dawson again, Louie Anderson, Richard Karn from “Home Improvement”, John O’Hurley and now, my main man Steve Harvey! Steve Harvey keeps a hustle and folks keep buying into them. From “The Steve Harvey Show” to The Original Kings of Comedy, his radio show to that God-awful book, he has been able to reinvent himself as many times as the show he now hosts.

However, this marriage may not last long, because Harvey is out of his element in this capacity. He doesn’t seem natural leading the game show and his interaction with the contestants seems forced. Not to mention those tacky ass suits and his toupee-free head make him hard to watch. You throw in how hard he reads the teleprompter and cards, and this show seems on the verge of cancellation before Thanksgiving. Then again, I thought his book was wack and that turned out to be a bestseller, so “Family Feud” may last and be a bonding moment for a boy and his grandfather for years to come.

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