The G.T.D. Mixtape

This one is for the fellas!

We know Valentine’s Day is all about love. Some of you new fools are going to spend your light bill money on extravagant gifts for a woman you barely like and those of you in love are wondering why the calendar dictates how you have to show her how much on today of all days. Shoot, you just started the work week and now you have to go all out on a Tuesday…criminal! I’m not here to advise you on how you handle your day from 9 to 9, but I can assist with the soundtrack for the darkest part of the night.

Let’s be honest fellas, you are all about the end game; you awkwardly walked around Victoria’s Secret for an hour, overpaid for last week’s roses, will wait two hours for dinner and listen to her talk about what you did right, what her friend’s man did wrong or better, just to get to the end of the night. Just to get the drawls! What you do and how you do is your business, but your soundtrack is crucial, it can ruin the mood and leave you alone with your laptop. Luckily for you, you have me and my sho-nuff Valentine’s Day “Get the Drawls” mixtape!

You want to make sure that your mixtape is tasteful, yet sets the mood, so you have to add tracks that speak to the moment. However, when they speak, you want to make sure they’re talking to her, like the songs are reading your minds. You need artists and songs that ooze S-E-X! That means no Stevie Wonder or Michael Jackson, India.Arie or Musiq Soulchild, we’re not in those lanes tonight.

The most basic premise of constructing this mixtape is to blend the classics with a few contemporary get busy jams. That doesn’t mean put Trey Songz on after Teddy Pendergrass, but mix it up a bit and keep the flow tight. However, there are a few artists and songs that must be included and have prime placement in this sequence:

·        Teddy Pendergrass: Teddy P. should appear twice and be placed at or near the beginning, nearly in sequential order, because he was a bad boy! “Close the Door” and “Turn Off the Lights” set the mood and tastefully says what’s on your mind, even when Teddy gets a little gruff, she knows you’re a take charge type of dude.
·         R. Kelly – “12 Play”, ‘Sex Me”, “Move Your Body Like a Snake” and mostly every other song that popped into your head should stay right there…in your head! Tonight, “It Seems Like You’re Ready” is the R-rah song that you should be listening to. It’s one of those songs that builds the anticipation and takes you right there, you know, there.
·         Marvin Gaye – You can’t go wrong with Marvin right, well, can you? “Sexual Healing” and “Let’s Get It On” are so obvious and work great, but “You Sure Love to Ball” comes complete with sound effects and complements her at the same time.
·         Janet Jackson – She’s a woman, so you have to smooth it out all the way for her and allow her to participate fully, so throw Janet’s “Anytime, Anyplace” right in the middle and try not to think of Janet in that green dress…or do so.
·         “Do Me, Baby” – If you wanted to add another female voice to the mix, go with Meli’sa Morgan, but for raw sexuality, go with Prince…thank me later!
·         Raheem DeVaughn – Raheem DeVaughn has been getting his sexy on and has a number of songs that can be included, but for tonight, go with “Bedroom”, it’s one of those songs with instructions!
·         Maxwell – “Fortunate”, “’Til the Cops Come Knockin’” and a few others are definitely GTD material, but “Sumthin’, Sumthin’ (mellosmoothe)” from the Love Jones Soundtrack is another song that takes the night there.
·         “Secret Garden” – Quincy Jones knew what he was doing when he put El Debarge, Al B. Sure, James Ingram and Barry White together for this classic and you’ll know exactly what you’re doing when you add this song.
·         The Isley Brothers – No doubt that “Between the Sheets” is a classic and undoubtedly should be coming through your speakers tonight!
·         “Neighbors Know My Name” Usually I don’t do this…but tonight is a special occasion and for a change of pace, literally and figuratively, throw a little Trey Songz into the mix.
·         Ne-Yo “Say It” – Ne-Yo has a grocery list of hits, but this ish right here…you’ll have it on repeat!
·         Floetry “Say Yes” – “Say It” then “Say Yes”! This Floetry joint has been a favorite for many and should be included tonight. Something about hearing Marsha Ambrosius when the lights are low and the moon is covering its eyes!
·         “Uhh Ahh” (Both versions) – Initially you don’t relate Boyz II Men with the freaky, but both versions of this song are a sure bet to get your mojo working. You know it’s for real when Mike sets it off with, “Injection fellas”.
·         D’Angelo – No need to show her the video, because you’ll lose that fight tonight, but “Untitled (How Does it Feel)” should be the climax of your mix; it’s seductive, slow, sexy and long enough for you two to consider whatever! Plus, there’s an instrumental break that should mimic the course of your evening.

Sure, there are tons of other songs that could be substituted for this sampling I provided and I know most of you are working off of you iPod or laptop, so the music can go for hours…but you won’t. As my grandfather used to say, “I’m trying to learn you something”. If you’re able to master this lesson, I’ll put you on to the R. Kelly “Slow Jams Get the Drawls Mix”…classic material!

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